Hello Guys

Today I will tell you about an easy way to earn some cash from Telegram : you only need to join this bot and start earning money

It provides 3 ways to earn money which are Web-surf, Offers and Invite Friends.

1. Web-surf –

When you will click on “Web Surf” it will give you a link which you have to open, keep it opened till the points get credited in your accounts. Per successfully opened link you get 80 points.

You will get a new link whenever you enter in “Web-surf” mode. So, you can earn unlimited points just by opening links. Even it will consume very less data.

2. Offers –

As the name suggests, you have to complete the offers provided by them. Currently, the “Offers” mode provides two ways to earn money. First one is “Survey” in which you have to complete surveys provided by them. You can get 2000 to 10000 coins per survey. The second one is to download and Install various Apps provided by them.

You can get 10000-20000 coins on every successful download. The offers keep changing everyday, keep eyes on them and earn big.

3. Invite Friends –

When a Telegram user joins this bot via your referral link and stats to earn, you:

* Are rewarded with 1000 coins.

* Earn 10% when he completes offers and surfs.

* Earn 30% of what he earns from his referrals.

There is an infinite number of possible referral levels.

These were the 3 ways to earn money from it.

Payout Methods –

It supports 3 payment gateways which are Paypal, Bitcoin and QIWI. I will suggest you to accept your Payment with Paypal. As its too easy to create an account there and the conversion rates are also cheap.

You can check your point in the “Stats” section.