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Russia now collecting encryption keys to decode information from Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram

The notice on the FSB website simply declares that in order to ensure public safety and protect against terrorism, the FSB has found a "procedure of providing the FSB with a …

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⛔️ FSB asked to check Telegram messenger for terrorist propaganda ⛔

Lawmaker Alexander Ageyev (A Just Russia) has asked the Federal Security Service (FSB) chief, Alexander Bortnikov, to check the Telegram internet messaging service which is allegedly used by the Islamic State …

Pavel Durov just posted this words on VK:

Thank you for your support and dedication – together we managed to survive the first 24 hours of blocking.

As shown last night, in their war, authorities of Russia are ready to block millions of IP addresses of cloud hosting, regardless of losses of …

Roskomnadzor (Russia's telecommunications watchdog) bans 4 Million Amazon and Google IPs in Attempt to Block Telegram

— Russia is blocking Amazon and google subnets in an attempt to restrict Telegram messenger access.

— The move to ban these IP blocks is a response to Telegram moving some of its …