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📱 TIP: Recurring Notifications on Android📱

❗️ Problem: When you have unread personal messages, Android notifications will repeat every hour until you open the message.

✅ Solution: Go to Settings -> Notifications and Sounds -> Repeat Notifications and select a repeat period or turn repeated …


Color generation of Display Names

Telegram apps have a fixed set of colors. App is choosing the color based on the chatid and the userid. On Github you can see that e.g. our Android version has 8 fixed colors. So it could be that the name of the contact appears red in group …

❓ Telegram answers to "Unread counter shows an extra +1" problem:

We're currently aware of this issue. It's being looked into right now, and we are hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you don't wish to wait for the fix, we can suggest a workaround: log in with our desktop app, find the …

☎️ TIP: When is my phone number visible ☎

1⃣ If you add someone (adding the person as a phone contact) and write them a message, the recipient will be able to see your number.

2⃣ If you contact another user via a username, forwarded message or group, your numbers remain 'unknown', until shared. …